Articles of Special “Biomethane, the investments will start”

From the growing demand from manufacturers to receive special technical assistance and consulting services on the supply chain of biogas and biomethane, in 2014 born CIB Service Srl, a service company of the Italian Biogas Consortium.

With the experience gained in the four years by the energy Service of the CIB, who assisted and accompanied more than 250 biogas producers in obtaining the qualifications RES/RES-E, and in the stipulations of the contract with the GSE and the administrative annual requirements, CIB Service is the 1st company in Italy for the number of biogas plants assisted.

with the publication on August 5, 2015 of the Application Procedures issued by the GSE for obtaining the status of biomethane producer, giving effect to the contents of the decree of December 5, 2013, CIB Service Srl has expanded its range of offered services by implementing the already  tested electric Service  with the new services for Biomethane.

CIB Service Srl in collaboration with the Italian Biogas and Biomethane Consortium, offers advice to farms, engineering companies and construction companies supplying materials and technologies as well as technical studies, both in the case of construction of a new plant for producing biomethane and in the case of a partial or total conversion of a biogas plant already existing.

By analyzing the content of the pre-feasibility studies, the sizing of the plant run by construction companies of biogas/biomethane and upgrading plant, CIB Service Srl is able to verify if the project and the related documentation prepared fits with sector regulations and according to the provisions in the procedures of the GSE, also accompanied the preparation, compilation and drafting of qualification as a producer of biomethane (whether in the project with / without authorization, or As built), and then until the next signing of the agreement with the GSE for obtaining the incentive.

But not only, starting on the right way is crucial to delivery biomethane initiative to success: CIB Service Srl in collaboration with Assogasmetano can help in making the best choice for the distribution of biomethane, which can be compressed or liquified, transported with tube trailer or tanker, at a gas properties or injected into the network, CIB Service can advise on the better choice.

To have all the details of the offered services and more information you can contact CIB Service at: PH: 0039 (0)3714662633 – e-mail: