Electromobility: a green boost for European automotive jobs

  • 14 Aprile 2021


online, 11 Maggio 2021


Boston Consulting Group and Platform for electromobility organize the webinar “Electromobility: a green boost for European automotive jobs

Martedì, 11 maggio 2021 – ore 14 -15.30

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), along with the Platform for electromobility, will be present beforehand the result and findings of their recent study on the impact of the shift towards electromobility for the European jobs in the automotive industry.

The study covers affected industries from OEM to Tier’s and infrastructure at a European level. The Platform for electromobility and its members, representing all industries covered by the study, provided direct insight from main stakeholders. 

The event showcases that, on the contrary, missing the opportunity to turn to electromobility in our European factories will make the whole sector lag behind in international competition on this new market, and eventually disappear in the middle run.

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