Smart City Retrofit

  • 30 Aprile 2013


Milano, 9 Maggio 2013


Smart City Retrofit
Large-scale building refurbishment as an asset for a new urban quality

Milano, giovedì 9 Maggio 2013 (orario 9,30-13)

Centro Congressi Stella Polare- Fiera Milano Rho

Convegno organizzato da Kyoto Club, nell’ambito dell’evento fieristico The Innovation Cloud-Solarexpo

  • Challenges for smart-cities
  • What smart cities are demanded to think, plan, promote, in the next years on this extremely important topic for our urban quality of life?
  • How retrofitting programs, on a large scale, could be planned and implemented?
  • How building renovation could be suitably harmonized with urban substitution?
  • Which sustainable technologies and smart solutions could match this challenge?

Il programma del convegno (pdf)