Sonnen is growing at a considerably faster rate than the storage market: While the market in Germany grew by roughly 40 per cent in 2016, sonnen was able to double its turnover.

Two recently released market studies show that sonnen also occupies the leading position for energy storage devices in Germany and Europe.

In its most recent study for 2016, the Bonn-based market research company EuPD Research placed sonnen at the very front, with a share of 22 per cent in Germany and Europe.

Parallel to this, a market study by Frost & Sullivan was released in which sonnen maintains a similarly high market share in Germany with 24 per cent, making it by far the largest manufacturer.

“Sonnen has become a strong consumer brand,” says Philipp Schröder, Managing Director at sonnen. “Our key success factors include our high level of innovation, the best energy services, and that we bypass the wholesalers and instead reach out to our partners directly. “

“Sonnen has been able to maintain its leading position despite ever-increasing competition from now over 50 manufacturers. One key success factor is that alongside private consumption, sonnen also offers brand-new energy services that provide new offers for customers. Such services are one of the biggest trends on the market, which other manufacturers are following,” says Dr Martin Ammon, head of the energy sector at EuPD Research.

Sonnen has been on the market since 2011 with the sonnenBatterie. In 2016 the company expanded to other markets such as Italy, USA, Australia and the UK. In the same year, sonnen expanded its business model to include numerous additional services. With the sonnenBatterie, the customer can help to stabilise the energy grid and thus facilitate the integration of renewable energies. The customer receives additional benefits in return for this service such as complimentary electricity with sonnenFlat.