Wind O&M

  • 31 Gennaio 2018


Monaco (Germania), 13 - 14 Febbraio 2018


Key Topics:

  • Major Component Maintenance Strategies: Discover how to improve your major component investigation methodologies to reduce multiple replacement OpEx costs
  • Contract Optimization: Learn how you can implement a hybrid approach contracting and update your contract benchmarking to drive a more productive service relationship across your portfolio
  • Lifetime Assessment and Certification: Hear about the latest advances in wind turbine assessment and certification that will enable you to make informed OpEx decisions regarding your portfolio as they age, Globally
  • Enhanced Asset Management Strategies: With margins being increasingly squeezed, listen to mature asset management approaches that will enable your wind farms to realise their full potential
  • Data Exploitation: In the age of Big Data, learn how to effectively gather, analyze and use the information coming from your assets that will unlock previously hidden savings and boost overall portfolio profitability
  • Energy Storage: With the global storage market expected to grow six fold by 2030, Eversheds will be hosting a half day workshop offering an overview of the current storage market and a look ahead to the future. Including advances on and off-grid, the funding of battery storage and storage policy and regulation

Information: Wind O&M


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