Hergo Sun Japan KK completes its first mega-solar power plant in Japan


The solar plant, located in Chichibu City Saitama Prefecture, will supply electricity to approximately 1.000 families.


Hergo Sun Japan KK has completed and connected to the grid its first photovoltaic plant in Japan, located in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. The solar plant is owned by Hergo Sun Japan KK, a subsidiary of Infrastrutture SpA, and will supply electricity to approximately 1.000 families.

“We have now successfully completed the full cycle of development and financing. We look forward to expanding further, applying our 20-year experience and know-how also to other renewable technologies”, said Pier Francesco Rimbotti, CEO of Infrastrutture SpA. “We will continue to reinforce our deployment in the Japanese market while proactively devoting our efforts to prevent global warming through continuously delivering innovative projects”. 

At the ceremony were present among others the Mayor of the city and representatives of the Chichibu Municipality, Saitama Prefecture, Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and Italian Embassy in Japan.

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