SolarPACES 2024

  • 31 Maggio 2024


Roma, 8-11 Ottobre 2024


The SolarPACES conference was initiated in 1980 to support technical progress and awareness building in the field of CSP.

Since then, it has become the foremost symposium for the who’s who in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems. At the scientific conference, the world’s leading experts come together: researchers, industry professionals, politicians and financial players as well as major international companies active in the field.

For information about previous SolarPACES conferences please click here.

SolarPACES (Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems) is an international cooperative network bringing together teams of national experts from around the world to focus on the development and marketing of concentrating solar power systems (also known as solar thermal power systems). It is one of a number of collaborative programs, called Implementing Agreements, managed under the umbrella of the International Energy Agency to help find solutions to worldwide energy problems.


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