EE Global – Energy Efficiency Global Forum

  • 27 Marzo 2014


Washington D.C., May 20-21, 2014


The 2014 edition of EE Global, the Energy Efficiency Global Forum, will take place in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in May 20-21.

EE Global 2014 is an opportunity for senior officials, business executives, and energy efficiency’s influencers to come together for the robust debate, partnership-building, and idea-sharing needed to sustain energy efficiency as a viable resource for the future.

Drawing hundreds of delegates from over 40 countries, our executive dialogues offer 20 platforms for addressing the issues facing our environment, economy and innovative technology, including:

  • Is ISO 50001 the global answer to continuous efficiency improvement in facility operations and industrial enterprises?
  • Did energy efficiency and clean energy stimulus money just get us through a slump or did they transform markets?
  • What strategies are cities utilizing as they seek to create highly-efficient urban areas? And why?
  • What is needed to encourage small & medium enterprises to invest in and adopt energy efficiency?

Information: EE Global 2014

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