WindEurope Technology Worskhop 2024

  • 21 Marzo 2024


Dublino, 10-11 Giugno 2024


All over the continent new records are constantly being broken in terms of the yield, efficiency, and scope of wind farms. Innovation has been a huge part of our success, and we should continue to innovate wherever we can.

But new challenges have put extra pressure on our industry, from all directions. The war in Ukraine has made renewable home-grown energy a top priority. But at the same time, we’ve run into big obstacles – rising commodity costs, supply chain disruption, and a reluctance to tackle permitting bottlenecks. If we want to stay ahead, we need to put our efforts into what we do best – our breakthrough technology.

Workshop is a chance to catch up on the latest innovations from across the sector and tackle the outstanding technical challenges. And to meet other like-minded technological trailblazers.

Info: WindEurope Technology Worskhop 2024

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