WindEurope Annual Event 2023

  • 27 Dicembre 2022


Copenhagen, 25-27 Aprile 2023


When it comes to energy, the world is changing rapidly. We have a lot to take stock of. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the dynamic of the European energy debate. Clean, home-grown renewables are the name of the game. That means more wind, more customers, closer cooperation, and more opportunities for our industry.

The EU now want wind to go from 190 GW today to 510 GW by 2030. We were already gearing up to deliver the targets set under the European Green Deal – now we’ve got to help deliver an energy secure Europe too. The stakes have never been higher.

When it comes to wind power, Denmark is one of Europe’s shining lights. The country is a global leader in the field, for both onshore and offshore wind. And a showcase for what we do best as an industry.

It’s only fitting then that in 2023, the wind energy sector will come to life in Copenhagen, from 25-27 April.

This will be the key European wind energy event of the year. You can expect a wide-ranging conference shedding light on the state of the industry, and a look at the years ahead. There’ll be hundreds of companies looking to showcase their brands and build solid partnerships.

Top speakers from Governments, industry, NGOs, financial institutions and centres of learning. Educational outlets looking at the face of our industry and what keeps it ticking. And thousands of others from around the world looking to fill themselves in on all things wind.


With over 50 sessions and more than 250 speakers across three days, we will cover a lot of ground.


The exhibition is now entirely sold out. See who the 450+ exhibitors in Copenhagen are. Sponsorship opportunities, however, are still available.

Information: WindEurope Annual Event


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