Biogas PowerON 2020 & Future of Biofuels 2020

  • 31 Agosto 2020


Copenhagen, 22-23 Settembre 2020


Biogas PowerON 2020

The event will bring together specialists from Biogas and Biogas Upgrading industries for two interactive days of networking, lectures and discussions.

The conference will set context for operator-driven technical presentations to deliver real value and actual case studies. Participating the event will give a chance to update on changes in global regulations as well as in regional policy considerations and requirements.

Info: Biogas PowerON 2020

Future of Biofuels 2020

Growing pressure to lower emissions and replace fossil fuels is leading to biggest ever range of biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and bio-methanol and other green fuels/ P2X.

This green transition is a critical challenge facing the world. However, the decisions facing stakeholders such as producers, regulators and investors are complex. That is why we will tackle this raising question and make new ideas with market participants.

Info: Future of Biofuels 2020

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