Solar Market Parity Spain

  • 4 Gennaio 2019

Madrid, 14 Marzo 2019


In the coming years, solar will become cost-competitive with conventional technologies and reach the mythical market parity. This will open the doors for a solar (r)evolution. What will be the new business models?

Spain, once the global frontrunner in solar energy, experienced a major setback in 2013 when the government retroactively eliminated the feed-in-tariffs that allowed that initial solar boom to reach records levels.

For the next 5 years, solar energy in Spain had essentially been dormant with an unsupportive government. However, with the advent of solar market parity, the Spanish dragon has awoken.

With a target of 35% of renewable penetration by 2030 and a multi-GW target, the sun is again shining bright on Spain.

Evento organized by Solarplaza

Info: Solar Market Parity Spain


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