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European Bioenergy Future

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Bruxelles, 28-30 Novembre 2023


EBF 2023 will explore several key topics for the bioenergy sector:

  • How different bioenergy sectors (solid biomass, biogas/biomethane, bioethanol, biodiesel) interact and what is their common vision for the future?
  • What new sustainability requirements do regulations such as REDIII and EUDR bring and how can market actors prepare for them?
  • Why hard-to-abate sectors, such as steel, lime and others, have an increasing interest in bioenergy and what projects should be expected soon?
  • How key bioenergy actors (fuel suppliers, end-users, technology providers) react to current market conditions and how they prepare for the future?
  • Are recent develoments in EU policy enough to see deployment of bioenergy-based carbon removals or are more efforts needed?
  • What actions are taken on the ground to gear up regional bioenergy markets?
  • How can BECCS and biochar carbon removals be applied in practice? With what technologies and business models.

The overall experience of EBF 2023 will be enriched by a series of accompanying side-events and collaborations, as well as various networking opportunities.

Info: EBF 2023



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