Every six months ASSIEME, the Italian Association of Miniwind, presents the report “Minieolico Italia”, showing the evolution of mini wind turbines within the 250 kW installed benefiting from incentives IAFR (Green Certificates or Feed-In Tariffs), but does not count installations in stand-alone which are estimated for at least another 500 kW. As you can see in the graphs below, the installations reached almost 23 MW in mid-2013, for 423 plants in total.

The graphs show plants divided in 6 power classes. The last classes from 60 kW to 250 kW have been added considering what was the previous Feed-In Tariffs and also considering the range over 200 kW requested by international organizations and not widespread in Italy. The plants are only the installed.

The installed plants are already working and are final, and can be certainly considered active in any calculation. A further graph does also include the number of installed plants. For clarification plants could be composed of multiple turbines of lower power.

We also did a further breakdown by region in order to highlight the growth from the previous report. We see in fact that Puglia and Basilicata has certainly had a big boom of installations, especially in medium-high over 60 kW surely due to regional policies very favorable.

Alessandro Giubilo, president of ASSIEME, said:”We hope that 2014 will be a year of big numbers for our industry, although we have recently faced several regulatory changes”.