Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV), a technical guide


This contribution describes the status and challenges of low concentrating (LCPV) and high concentrating (HCPV) photovoltaics. The main research initiatives on the development high efficient, low cost, reliable CPV systems in Italy and in Europe are reported. Economical aspects as well as the National supporting program for the take off the CPV technology in the energy market are included.


1. Introduction on the CPV technology

2. CPV technological development in Italy and abroad

3. Energy production by CPV

4. Economical Aspects: the indicators of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

5. Market aspect: the feed in tariff

6. Conclusion Future challenges and development of CPV

7. Bibliography

Annex 1. CPV Standards and Specifications

Annex 2. The CPV Companies in the world


Author: Gianluca Timò, Research about the Energy System – RSE S.p.A.
(Power Generation System Department – Concentrating Photovoltaic and Leds Head)
Via  Nino, Bixio, 39 – Piacenza (Italy)
[email protected]