Solarexpo returns with the 2nd edition of the Italian PV Summit

  • 31 Marzo 2010


A unique, international event to be held in Verona, Italy, covering all aspects of the photovoltaic market for the business community. Conference will be held in Verona, Italy, on 3-4 May 2010. The programme published online.


Building on last year’s success and the international recognition received, Solarexpo is organising a second edition of the “ITALIAN PV SUMMIT 2010: setting the roadmap to grid parity in a front-line market“.

The ITALIAN PV SUMMIT will be held in Verona, Italy, on 3-4 May 2010 – the two days prior to the opening of the 11th edition of Solarexpo – in the prestigious setting of the “Gran Guardia” palace in front of the city’s historic, Roman amphitheatre. The event is made possible thanks to sponsorship by First Solar, Kerself, Yingli Solar, SMA and Santerno.

Because of its ability to draw speakers and participants from around the world, the ITALIAN PV SUMMIT has acquired a central position among the sector’s key gatherings.

“Thanks again for the kind invitation to assist in this great event,” said about the first edition of Italian PV Summit Heinz Ossenbrink, Director of the Renewable Energy Unit at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. “I was very impressed by the choice of subjects, speakers and their presentations and got home with the feeling that it was really worthwhile to listen. Not too often for me after 26 years of PV!”

The ITALIAN PV SUMMIT 2010 is the must-attend event for Italian and international business communities seeking to seize all the investment opportunities that the Italian photovoltaic (PV) market offers. Indeed, the conference is specifically organised for the needs of the financial community as well as photovoltaic industry operators, specialists and researchers. For full details of the conference programme, visit

“At the Italian PV Summit, REC looks forward to discussing the policies needed to deliver investor confidence and the industrial development required to encourage sustainable growth and grid parity in the promising Italian market and wider European region to benefit the consumer and the environment” said John Andersen Jr., Executive Vice President and Group COO, REC.

“We are convinced that photovoltaic can become one of the major energy sources worldwide and especially in Southern Europe, where conditions for solar energy are excellent”, said Boris Klebensberger COO of SolarWorld and speaker at the Italian PV Summit. “If the industry – with the support of policy makers, regulators and the energy sector – keeps on decreasing its production costs, grid parity will be achieved in coming years. By 2020, solar energy can compete in 75 per cent of European electricity markets without any subsidies, making houseowners independent of other energy sources and cutting their energy bills – and finally, helping Europe and Italy to meet its climate goals.”

Authoritative international experts, institutional representatives and world-leading companies will analyse the development potential and dynamics of the photovoltaic market, which continues to see exceptionally high growth rates.

The following are among the topics of international relevance included in the conference programme for 2010: sustainable development scenarios for PV from both a technology and economic point of view; key factors for ensuring long-term PV industry competitiveness; roadmap to grid parity and the race for solar power cost leadership – from crystalline to thin-film PV and from large-scale PV to concentrating solar power (CSP).

Day two of the conference will focus on the outlook for Italy. Institutional representatives and sector operators will discuss the short-term market and industry outlook after a turbulent 2009, forecasts for Italy as the world’s second-biggest PV market, the new feed-in tariff scheme and maintaining investor attractiveness. Other topics that will be covered include permitting and grid access, emerging from the credit crunch, investment pipelines and dedicated finance opportunities as well as the issue of shrinking margins in a global PV market and the challenges for the sector in Italy.

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